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CORT Relocation Services

Relocating to or within the U.S.? We are here for you.

Few things can be as challenging as moving to a new city or a new country. You’re not just moving your belongings, but you're moving your whole life.

That’s where CORT comes in – we can help you find a place to live and help you and your family get acclimated quickly.

With a CORT Destination Services Consultant assigned to your relocation, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone. Your Consultant will guide you through your plan and help with timing and decisions. From assistance with documentation to banking to schools to your actual living space, there’s truly no better way to reduce expenses, speed transition and get settled and productive faster.

And if all you need is an easy way to find the perfect apartment or learn the area where you are moving, we have a website for that.

When relocating to a new place, you’ll be surprised at all that CORT has to offer.

CORT Relocation Services

Customer Testimonials

"I cannot stress enough what a great experience I had looking for housing and how much more comfortable I am with the area. I can tell that he sincerely cared about my well being and wanted to find the perfect apartment for me."

"I was pleased with our pre-tour preparation, which gave me confidence and resulted in a full, focused day with no wasted time and highly viable alternatives. With this as a foundation, I was able to make a final choice today and am very happy and excited about it."

"CORT listened to what I wanted and showed me several places based on my criteria. I was very pleased with the properties we saw and found."

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